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Patricia Greenberg’s journey has been one of continuous growth and reinvention. Starting as a celebrated chef and fitness expert, she has now emerged as a passionate pro-aging advocate, dedicated to promoting wellness and longevity.

Through her weekly show, Patricia shares invaluable insights on how to live well and comfortably into old age. She believes that everyone deserves access to top-quality life guidance, empowering them with the knowledge to maintain optimal health and a deeper understanding of the physical and emotional changes that come with aging.

Patricia’s commitment to wellness is evident in her impressive athletic achievements. Having completed 20 marathons and an astounding 115 half marathons, she continues to push her boundaries, now embracing the thrilling sport of tower climbing in her 60s, conquering buildings across the nation.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Patricia cherishes her personal life. Happily married with a grown daughter, she finds joy in nurturing her love for reading by hosting a monthly book club. Additionally, she knits scarves to donate to individuals and charities in need, embodying her compassion and desire to make a positive impact.

When asked about her remarkable journey, Patricia’s response is simple yet profound: “Continue to learn. Always be a student of the world.” Her willingness to embrace lifelong learning has been the driving force behind her successful transitions and her ability to inspire others.


Bachelor of Arts in Nutrition and Food Science

Queens College, NYC.

Degree in Culinary Arts

Degree in Culinary Arts, from Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale, AZ.
IACP – Certified Culinary Professional.

Certified Nutrionist

ISSA Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach, specializing in Aging.

Personal Trainer and Health Coach

ACE Certified in Personal Training, Group Fitness, Weight Management, Sports Nutrition and Senior Fitness.

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