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NewsChristopher Lee Maher: From Navy SEAL to True Body Intelligence Master

Christopher Lee Maher: From Navy SEAL to True Body Intelligence Master

In this video, you will meet Christopher Lee Maher, the founder of True Body Intelligence, a system that helps you overcome stress, struggle, and trauma in your body, mind, energy, and emotions. Christopher Lee Maher is a former Navy SEAL who suffered from chronic pain, hearing loss, vision problems, and insomnia due to the high levels of stress he endured in his life. He spent years searching for solutions and healing methods, until he discovered the power of True Body Intelligence. True Body Intelligence is a holistic approach that combines ancient wisdom and modern science to help you achieve full spectrum development. You will learn how Christopher Lee Maher used True Body Intelligence to heal himself and how you can use it to transform your health, happiness, and harmony. You will also get access to exclusive tools and resources that will help you start your journey with True Body Intelligence today.

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