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NewsPeace with Francesco Da Vinci

Peace with Francesco Da Vinci

A True Story of Triumph Over Adversity

Author of I Refuse To Kill
My Path to Nonviolent Action in the 1960s

At the risk of a 5-year prison term, Francesco Da Vinci struggles with his Virginia draft board to be recognized as a sincere conscientious objector to the Vietnam War. Because of his controversial stand as a CO and activist, Da Vinci experiences intense intolerance, which spills over to his family and fiancée.

While his CO case is on appeal, Da Vinci forms a peace group in San Diego called Nonviolent Action. The peace group becomes a national movement, and its campaign to help end the war reaches the halls of Congress with the help of Sen. George McGovern.

You might ask, why now for a ‘60s memoir? The issues raised in I Refuse to Kill are today’s top issues – social justice, police brutality, government surveillance, persecution of nonviolent activists, and war versus the nonviolent resolution of conflict.

Musician Peter Yarrow adds, “This amazing timely story confirms that one person, acting with courage and conviction, can successfully oppose war and help change a part of history. Francesco Da Vinci’s story reminds us that acts of conscience are never pursued in vain.”

The contributions of COs and sixties activists have been largely omitted from our history or flagrantly distorted for political reasons. I Refuse to Kill sets the record straight.

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